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Root Canal

Hollywood has made Root Canals synonymous with horror and fear. There's usually a lot of bloody action and someone's always screaming. In real life, root canals are boring and usually result in snoring and shear boredom. Our patients are made to feel completely comfortable so that they generally fall sleep. The average root canal takes between a half hour to two hours. The worst part is having to wakeup. But most patients don't mind. If you prefer, you're welcome to listen to music the entire time.

We call root canals, Endodontics. It's a simple but important procedure that can save a tooth from having to be extracted. When a tooth has a big cavity into the nerve or a painful crack, a root canal usually takes care of the pain. The sick nerve is replaced with a filling to bring the tooth back to health and pain free. As always, prevention is preferable, but if you need a root canal, contact us to schedule an appointment. If your tooth hurts now, call (832)595-8335. We'll get you out of pain ASAP.

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